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Our Programme

Our unique curriculum is tailored for students who are studying in international schools and aims to help them build a solid foundation to smoothly transition from high primary to secondary school.

By focusing on enhancing their researching skills, writing skills and presentations skills, students will excel in IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams and IB (International Baccalaureate) programs. For the latter, we will prepare students to easily transition from their PYP (Primary Years Program for ages 3-12) to their MYP (Middle Years Program for ages 11-16) and finally to their Diploma Program (for ages 16-19). 

Apart from the following three main programs provided by IDK, most of the topics included in the IB Program will be covered as well such as Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science, etc.

The three aforementioned IDK programs  are: 

IDK Writing

IDK Presentation

IDK Science

IDK Writing will be divided into five levels and upon completing this program, students will be able to go from writing 500 word essays to 4000 word essays where the aim is not just to be able write the required amount of words, but also to provide essays that are engaging, creative, well executed and of the highest quality possible. 

IDK Presentation will first prime students to know how to research efficiently and to apply their new found knowledge most effectively as to present clear and concise presentations on relevant topics. Through this program, they will also develop their communication and social skills as well as time management skills. 

IDK Science will allow students to not only further their knowledge in the sciences but to also provide them with all the things required to perform hands on experiments so they can enrich their understanding and actually apply and test the knowledge they have gained. 

For further information on IB Programs, you may visit their website: 

Core Requirements

Theory of knowledge (TOK): students learn how to think about knowledge formation, justification through philosophical thinking and perspectives.

Extended essay (EE): a 4000 word independent research paper on a subject of choice.

Creativity, action, service (CAS): the IB’s way of encouraging students to pursue creative avenues, maintain physical health, and engage with their local communities.

Female Teacher during a Math Class


Apart from the following three main programs provided by IDK, all topics included in the IB Program will be covered as well. With our diverse curriculum and professional tutors IDK can provide unique program adjusted to the student needs.

A Comprehensive Approach

A curriculum based on comprehensive approach offers a variety of learning benefits to students. This approach helps to provide children with enriching, stimulating and successful educational experiences.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Expert Guidance

All tutors of IDK are well trained and highly qualified professionals that know how to achieve students goal.

The Path to Success

The combination of a comprehensive approach, expert guidance and flexibility can help to achieve a student's goal in the most efficient and joyful way. 

Students Taking Exams

1 to 1 Tutoring

One-to-one tutoring sessions allow to assess the student's strengths and identify their weak areas.

Also, it helps to understand the student's personality, learning style and build confidence in exams.

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